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Name:Olivia Dunham
Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Once upon a time, a little girl named Olive was picked to save the universe.

She doesn't remember much of it; few children would, if their "training" included drug trials and experiments that verged into abuse. But as she grew up, one thing did stick fast, however unconsciously: the desire to protect, to fight, and to ensure justice in a markedly unjust world. Nowadays, Olivia works in Homeland Security's Fringe Division, taking cases that leap from the known and land squarely into the unknown and impossible. (Fringe Division's precursor was the "X designation," should that tell you anything about their work.)

A war continues to loom, though. The same people who recruited Olivia still work to defend the universe from the Other Side -- an alternate reality just like ours, only not. The two worlds are on a collision course. Only one will survive it.

And like it or not, Olivia's role in the fight has only just begun.

Special Agent Olivia Dunham (formerly [ profile] flip_the_lights) is gray-eyed and a little on the tall side (5'8"); her straight blonde hair hangs halfway down her back, and is either tied back or kept loose in about equal measure. She usually dresses conservatively, most often in a suit of some kind.

Imply that any of these physical attributes keep her from doing her job, and she will not hesitate to prove you wrong at great length.

She comes from the television series Fringe and is the property of J.J. Abrams, Fox, and all other associated parties. The mun is neither them nor Anna Torv; no money has been exchanged, and no copyright infringement is intended. It's all done for fun at [community profile] milliways_bar.

On her canon timeline, she enters the bar from just after 2x16, "Peter." Whether her choices there spawn a third universe slightly unlike both home and the Other Side...well, that part remains to be seen.

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